Question about online tickets--Turkish Airlines?

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Question about online tickets--Turkish Airlines?

Post by HannahI » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:45 am

I just purchased tickets for my family traveling to and around Turkey for a couple of weeks in April on the Turkish Airlines website. I live in the U.S. and my inlaws are in Kyrgyzstan. It was only after I bought the tickets that I noticed this disclaimer:

If the credit card

> holder is not the passenger, credit card holder must be

> present with the

> passenger(s) at the check-in counter with his/her credit

> card (used for the

> payment) and his/her valid identification card. (If it

> is a virtual card,

> please have the related credit card with you).

> - If you do not present the credit card you used for the

> payment, you

> will not be accepted to the flight.

I paid with my own credit card on the Turkish Airlines website, and obviously my in-laws who are traveling from Kyrgyzstan will not be able to present my credit card when boarding. From what I can understand the Turkish Airlines reps are telling me, I have to present my credit card in any Turkish Airlines office only one time sometime before my in-laws board their flight--which in itself is a problem because the nearest Turkish Airlines office is a long drive away (I'm in Minneapolis, they're in Chicago)--but from the statement above it sounds like you'd need to present your credit card before each flight. Does anyone have experience with this? I am going to call the Turkish Airlines office in Chicago tomorrow to see if they can give me any more advice. What a headache!

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Re: Question about online tickets--Turkish Airlines?

Post by davcamp » Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:19 pm

That concern you have is nothing to worry about. If you buy a domestic ticket for USA and read the fine print it will most likely say the same thing. I have bought from Turkish Airlines many times and was never asked to show credit card I purchased with.
The only consideration for the credit card is if you will use automatic check-in and boarding pass machine at airport - the machine will prompt you to insert your card to print out the boarding pass. Your in-laws should bring e-ticket and go to check-in desk at airport where they will not be asked for credit card.

All your travels need is a valid passport, a travel visa to country they are traveling to (if one is needed based on their home country), and, a copy of the e-ticket (which you were emailed when you made the purchase) that shows your travlers names for which you bought a ticket.

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Re: Question about online tickets--Turkish Airlines?

Post by drshivgm » Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:59 pm

Hi Guys, I am in a similar situation now. Actually my to and fro ticket has been booked by my friend. Its his credit card and I can not ask him to come while I do these journeys. So what should I take from him along with the E-ticket. Should I have to take an authorisation letter from him? Suggest me. Many a thanks in advance

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