Last minute SE questions

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Last minute SE questions

Post by kanewai » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:48 am

Four more weeks! And then I can start answering questions more than asking them!

I have 4 days in İstanbul, then 11 days for Diyarbakir to Antakya. I pretty much know my options, but still have some questions:

Two to five days (including daytrips and an overnight at Hasankeyf), depending on how I like it. Is it worthwhile trying to time my visit for the weekend? I love live music, and have some recordings of Kurdish jazz (fusion?) that are amazing. I also read that the birhane were closed; is that true?

Has anyone here actually made it to Anitli using public transportation? If I have to hire a taxi, would Hasankeyf make a good base?

This looks like the most interesting approach to Nemrut Dağı. Has anyone stayed at the Karadut Pension?

3-4 nights (including daytrips)

2-3 nights (first day is all travel, so it doesn't count!). Some of my books don't even cover Antakya. The 'budget' places I see online are 40-50€! Anyone have recs? Or know about the Beytuturab-Toprakev?

I know that's quite a list - there isn't that much information out there!

(edited to remove questions on Savur and Midyat - the small hotels don't appear to be open during March)

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