12 days in Turkey - report

Feedback from travelers recently returned from Turkey: what's good, what's bad, what they found

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12 days in Turkey - report

Post by hwertheim » Mon Sep 26, 2005 10:43 pm

Turkey Report

Thank you to everyone on this site, and especially Tom, of course. Our 12 day trip to Turkey would not have been such a success without everyone's input and postings. I will list our general and specific suggestions....


We enjoyed Istanbul, Cirali, and Goreme but did not like Antalya (too hot, too touristy). I don't need to comment on how great Istanbul and Goreme are since others have covered that in the past.

Our off the beaten track trips were to Edirne and Kiyikoy.

Edirne is a really nice sized city, with great mosques, a facade of an old synagogue, and lots of old Ottoman buildings to see. Recommended as a day-trip or two days if you want to spread it out and relax a bit in the many tea gardens.

Kiyikoy on the Black Sea, not too far from Edirne was an excellent destination, with two beaches, one on each side of the village. It is popular amongst Turkish tourists, but we were the only non-Turks there. There are two good fish restaurants, a tea garden, and a lively fishing industry. There is also a carved-out monastery down the river about fifteen minutes from town. We stayed at the Hulya Pansiyon for 10 YTL per person a night for a plain room and shared bathroom, but lovely balcony/terrace.

Cirali is a great, great place to see the Mediterannean coast. We took a day-long boat trip which turned out to be a beautiful and relaxing day. It is a small, laid-back place without all of the concrete that you will see elsewhere along the coast. There are chickens everywhere!


Side Hotel/Pension, Istanbul
-highly recommended with nice rooms, and truly wonderful staff.

Mavi Guesthouse
-not recommended unless you are very much into the backpacker scene. Terrible room for two.

Onur Hotel (run by Mavi Guesthouse people)
-OK, but not great service, rooms not as clean as could be.

Cappadocia: Kelebek Pansiyon is a wonderful place to stay. Highly recommended. We arrived after an overnight bus, and they had a "rest" room with a bed and a shower available even though it was 7 AM.

Cirali: For an inexpensive and pleasant pansiyon, try the "La Provencal" on the road leading to the Chimaera. It is about a two minute walk from the beach, with bicycles, and lovely gardens. It is run by a French woman and her Turkish husband, who both speak French.


LOVED borek, especially spinach borek. Really, really miss it.

LOVED the fruit! The grapes, the peaches, the dried apricots.....mmmmm....

LOVED the freshly squeezed orange juice. We had at least one or two glasses a day.

Ate well in Istanbul, but not as well in really touristy places (Goreme, Cirali).


We took two overnight buses - they were pretty comfortable, but we were glad that we had brought sleeping aids, earplugs and eyemasks. Make sure that when you book your seats you don't get the very last row of the bus where the seats don't recline.

Volkan was our favourite bus company - they served tea, soda and cake!

We also took public transportation to and from the airport in Istanbul, which was pretty straightforward, and a lot cheaper than taxis or shuttles.

I'm happy to expand on anything....


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Post by arati » Sat Mar 18, 2006 4:37 pm

Hi Hannah
I had some questions for you
You mentioned Side Hotel/Pension, Istanbul -how much does it cost-Deo they have single rooms?-Do you have a contact address?-Can one book on the net?
The overnight train to Goreme is what you had mentioned-Did you do an Istanbul-Goreme overnight bus?- If so, how long did it take?-when did u get on to the bus?-Did u travel on Volkan?-what is the Istanbul to Goreme bus ticket rate?-Does it take you directly to Goreme or drop u off at Nevshir??-can one book on the net?
Tom, thanks a ton- for all your information on TTP-My questions to Hannah are based on all your info
Lastly, I would be a single woman traveller from India, so if there is anything else that you could advise me on, would be totally awesome
rest assured, if you decide to do India ever,do ping me at aratiamohan@rediffmail.com

Thanks a ton

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Mavi onur Hotel

Post by Hossein » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:41 am


I was in May Mavi onur Hotel,Avery bad,dirty,and dark place.I had no phone

and satellite TV in my room.when you go there,You see a balt andfat man ,Mehmet Ali akpolat,(the owner hotel).He is not firendly and polite.

Breakfast was poor.......

24 EURO per night for this place:

Any one can guide me If a hotel gave too much money,How can I investigate it?

Is there any place in turkey responsible for that?

Please guide me

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Post by dragonfly » Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:44 am


I also stayed at the Side Hotel. There is a hotel and a pension with a variety of rooms and pricings. It is not the cheapest but very reasonable and very nice and clean - and convenient for sightseeing. They have a luggage room where you can leave bags after checking out, but it is under the stairs below reception and they can only half keep an eye on it. Nothing was stolen though. There is no need to book a private bath unless you are very particular - the shared baths are very nice and clean. Our friend stayed in a single pension room with shared bath. My boyfriend and I had booked a double with bath but they didn't have it so were upgraded to the hotel for the same price. However, my friend's room in the pension was almost nicer than our hotel room and the pension is on the Blue Mosque side so tends to have nice views! The bed was not the most comfortable ever but was certainly adequate for the price. Breakfast was pleasant - nothing special but satisfying. Internet was very cheap although the computers were dinosaurs. The reception was very helpful to us during our stay. The website is http://www.sidehotel.com. You can reserve online with a credit card - confirmation is sent to your email. They do airport transfers as well but we had no trouble with the taxi and it was cheaper.

fleur de lotus
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istambul-goreme: any direct night bus?

Post by fleur de lotus » Wed May 10, 2006 2:57 pm


Does anyone know if there are bus companies that go direct (without changing in Neveshir) form Istambul to Göreme, at night?


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Post by carrie » Wed May 10, 2006 4:46 pm

Hi somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that there are no direct buses from Istanbul to Goreme. You will have to change to the inter-city smaller bus service from Nevshier to go there.

Why not pose your question in the Bus Travel section and you will get a better response.

Another option whould be to fly to Kayseri then take a bus to Goreme. This would save time.

Good luck

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Post by arati » Fri May 12, 2006 8:28 pm

I took an overnight bus from Istanbul to Goreme- You reach Nevshir at 7 in the morning and the same bus folks transfer you to a smaller van to Urgup /Goreme and the like-just did this bit last month-its cool
PS- Am jealous, wish I was doing the trip again

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Overnight buses to Goreme

Post by Caveman » Tue May 30, 2006 11:06 pm

Just wanted to answer general question about direct bus issue to Goreme.
If a bus takes its passanger to Nevsehir and Goreme is the province of the city of Nevsehir we consider this as direct bus especially after arriving bus station at Nevsehir the company provides a service to the neighbouring towns within 10 -15 km. radius. They can not efford to run each small town a spesific bus so they combine with smaller services from the central point in this case Nevsehir. Nevsehir to Goreme is a good 10 minutes and the ticket fare includes the extra ride.
Happy Travelling
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Re: 12 days in Turkey - report

Post by candida » Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:04 pm

Hi Hannah

Could I ask how you got from Istanbul to Kiyikoy? And could you recommend a particular route or company?

Also, where did you stay in Kiyikoy, and would you recommend the place you stayed?

Many thanks


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Re: 12 days in Turkey - report

Post by KathleenO » Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:47 pm

Thank you for this information! I am planning a trip to Turkey next year so it is really helpful. Just reading this is making me so excited for the journey.

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