Water in Pamukkale's travertine pools

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Water in Pamukkale's travertine pools

Post by David Morgan » Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:52 pm

There appears to be some misunderstanding around the internet as to what the travertines actually are. Lots of questions about whether there's water in them. I think some people believe it to be a type of waterfall with water pouring down it everywhere.

When I first visited in February 1982, there were a couple of hotels at the top, bushes growing on some of the travertines and you were able to clamber all over them. There wasn't much water in the actual pools but there was certainly a large flow down the conduits in the village. I left a honey jar in the shape of a bear in the flow for a few days and it was already becoming encrusted.

As far as I know, the flow rate from the source is pretty constant, so it's where the water is distributed which is the issue, I guess. Having visited it 4 times over the years, I think they've done a pretty good job considering the number of visitors it gets. Although I miss being able to ride the motorbike right up to "Cleopatra's Pool" or whatever it's called.

Ironically, in '82, with all that water around, the village still had a central fresh water supply from a fountain in the square. Ali from the pension was moaning about the fact that the mosque which was being built at the time was going to get priority over the houses for piped water supply.

Some photos from '82 - on the travertines, old travertine aqueducts, overlooking the village, Kırmızı Su at Karahayıt.

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